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Who is behind the recent run up in oil prices?


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THE ENERGY NON CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks to the enivironmentalist lobby and its influence on Democratic legislators in Congress, the U.S. has, for decades, been prohibited from drilling for oil in places that we know contain billions of barrels of proven reserves. Check out this map:

All of the NO zones are in places where the U.S. (thanks to the Democratic Party)
is prohibited from drilling for oil.

Self Explanatory

But wait, it gets better. *** China , Cuba , Canada and others continue to drill off our shores where US companies are not allowed to drill because of Democratic policies!

Yes, that's right , China and Cuba are actively exploring oil fields 50 miles from Key West, Florida while U.S. companies are barred from working in this area because of U.S. policy . So, instead of allowing the most environmentally responsible companies to operate there and increase our domestic supply, China , who has a dismal environmental record, is preparing to suck our close, lucrative oil reserves dry. Unbelievable. Investor's Business Daily recently explained how irresponsible the Democrats have been on the energy crisis. They lay into what they consider to be the worst Congress ever for ~ Failing to allow drilling in ANWR. We have, as President Bush noted, estimated capacity of a million barrels of oil a day from this source alone -- enough for 27 million gallons of gas and diesel. But Congress won't touch it, fearful of the clout of the environmental lobby. As a result, you pay through the nose at the pump so your representative can raise campaign cash. ~ Refusing to build new refineries. The U.S. hasn't built one since 1976, yet the EPA requires at least 15 unique 'boutique' fuel blends that can be sold in different areas around the nation. This means that U.S. refinery capacity is stretched so tight that even the slightest problem at a refinery causes enormous supply problems and price spikes. Congress has done nothing about this. ~Turning its back on nuclear power. It's safe and, with advances in nuclear reprocessing technology, waste problems have been minimized. Still, we have just 104 nuclear plants -- the same as a decade ago -- producing just 19% of our total energy. (Many European nations produce 40% or more of their power with nuclear.) Granted, nuclear power plants are expensive -- about $3 billion each. But they produce energy at $1.72/kilowatt-hour vs. $2.37 for coal and $6.35 for natural gas. ~ Raising taxes on energy producers. This is where a basic understanding of economics would help: Higher taxes and needless regulation lead to less production of a commodity. So by proposing 'windfall' and other taxes on energy companies plus tough new rules, Congress only makes our energy situation worse. These are just a few of Congress' sins of omission -- all while India , China , Eastern Europe and the Middle East are adding more than a million barrels of new demand each and every year. New Energy Department forecasts see world oil demand growing 40% by 2030, including a 28% increase in the U.S. " " Americans who are worried about the direction of their country, including runaway energy and food prices, should keep in mind the upcoming election isn't just about choosing a new president. We'll also pick a new Congress.

" " " "

If you agree with the need to let the American people know who's REALLY responsible for the sky-high gasoline prices we're seeing today, please forward this e-mail to everyone you know. If we elect a liberal Democrat as president in the Fall and keep the same Democrat-controlled Congress, nothing will change. except gasoline prices, which will keep going up. contact the Democrat national committee and register your concerns at:

The so called "Democratic" National Committee

The Democrat National Committee

See the following message for the primary source: If you want to complain about the outrageous cost of gasoline; then here are the websites of radical environmental groups who have been conducting a scorched earth policy of locking up resources using the pretext of "saving the Environment" The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy The National Resource Defense Council The Sierra Club All of these site have contact pages to make it easy fire off complaints. And let's not forget Unconstitutional governmental agencies! No where in the United States Constitution does it authorize the Federal Government authority to do anything about the environment!(in fact it has been estimated that at least 85% of what we allow the Federal Government do is Unconstitutional). Here are some websites; The United states constitution But first let me quote article 1 section 1 of the United states CONSTITUTION: "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in A Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and A House of Representatives." Websites of Government Agencies who are partially responsible for the high price of OiL and other resources:

The Environmental Protection Agency

The Bureau of Land Management

The Fish and wildlife "Service"

The Forrest "service"
All of these and many more unconstitutional agencies use Governmental
coercion which violates people's 13th amendment civil rights

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Price Charts

Check out this site: Oil price net

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The one's responsible for these High Energy Prices?
IT's the so called "Democratic" party

Who is behind the recent run up in oil prices?

And here is the so called "DEMOCRATIC" ENERGY PLAN!

A brief report Obama's Marxist Energy Policy

Click here for Democrat Voting record on the President's energy policy

The Thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution

And it goes without saying that "Envirmonmentalists" routinely violate people's fith amendments protection of private propery

amendment five to the United States Constitution

Call Your Federal Representative at 202-224-3121(ask for your Federal Representative) to complain about how the Federal Government is causing high gasoline prices through the noted Unconstitutional activity noted above and the same phone number to ask for your Federal Senator.

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Bp's gusher cam from the Gulf of Mexico
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What can you do? Here is a class action lawsuit you can join to help!

The Manhattan Project II Corporation

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This section for energy news boards

Click here for: Free energy

Here is Energy Shortage"

" "

" "

Click here for
Newt Gingrich's American Solutions Website!!!!

Petition delivered to Congress

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This Section on Al "Global Warming" Gore

Here is British report on British documentary on the efforts to squelch evidence against global warming


Here is AL "Global Warming" Gore's "Solution"

Click here for a report on the OPEC "Environmental Movement" Conspiracy

Here is a report on THE EARTH ALSO POLLUTES

Here is a source of more objective information on the alleged "Criis of "Global Warming" It's

John Strossel

Can you save Al Gore?

Since Al Gore will not debate.....

Let's demand debate from AL "Global Warming" Gore

Click here for.. for the latest debate news

And here for Global

AND here for Friends of " "

And another site friendly to Junk " "

AND last but not least Science and

Here is a rebuttal to Al Gore's propaganda film

Another rebuttal To Al "Gloabl Warming" Gore

And another rebuttal Eleven (only??) errors


A rebuttal From the Oregon institute of Science And Medicine

A site for Auditing the climate

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Bio Fuels

Click Here for a Google search on Ethanol as a Fuel

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"Global Warming"

Click here for Commentary on Stephen Schneider Greehouse gas Super salesperson

Here is an organization opposing Global Warming scaremongering Global

Check out this Antidote for "Global warming scaremongering"

What is it Global Cooling? Global Warming? check out this 1975 Newsweek article on GLOBAL COOLING

" "

Click here for another website for common sense

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" " ---. Click to get your own widget

Click here for another website for common sense Energy

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Click Here for The latest Market value for Energy

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Here is a map of the world's oil provinces

" " Click here! " "

" "

Animated map shows all the major oil and gas pipelines in the US

" "

Click on this link for a report on the world wide fuel situation

Click here for The Peak oil news site

Click here for the 1995 assesment of United States Oil resources

Here for a "fossil" fuels 101 tutorial

Here is a company to help you find oil its Digital Petro data

Here is a section on the BAKKEN Oil Field in North Dakota

The 2008 US Geological Survey
Slideshow on the bakken oil field

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" "-

Click here for the 1987 report on ANWR oil reserves " "

Click Here for Proven Oil reserves at the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve(ANWR) ANWR Oil RESERVES Greater than any state

Here is the official Alaska web site supporting drilling in ANWR


Flying over ANWR

And here for

Here is a map of Oil reserves in Northern Alaska:

Map of northern Alaska and nearby parts of Canada showing locations of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR),
the 1002 area, and the National Petroleum Reserve—Alaska (NPRA). Locations of known petroleum accumulations and the 
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) are shown, as well as summaries of known petroleum volumes in northern Alaska 
and the Mackenzie River delta of Canada. BBO, billion barrels of oil (includes cumulative production plus recoverable
resources); TCFG, trillion cubic feet of gas recoverable resources.

Purdoe Bay, the north slope

Here is Alaska's Map on Oil drillilg activity on Alaska's North Slope

NOTE the Caribou grazing in the foreground

Here is a Picture of a Purdhoe Bay Oil Production Plant

Another Picture of A herd of Animals near a drilling rig on the North Slope

New Oil being created by natural processes today? Click here for new oil being created by the earth

Click here for a book on The Energy Non Crisis

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OFF Shore

This section for offshore Oil development Technology

The Atlantis offshore platform


In the Gulf of Mexico

The Thunderhorse Offshore platform


The Thunderhorse platform

Click here for The technology of offshore oil production!!!!

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This section for Canadian Oil Sands resource

Click here for Shell Canada - Oil Sands.url

Click here for Alberta Energy Oil Sands Area Map.url

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After you obtain the crude oil, you must refine it!

HINT: We Need additional Oil Refining Capacity!

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This section for Nuclear power

Click here for Frequently asked questions on Nuclear power

Here is The Nuclear Energy Institute

General Animation of a Nuclear Plant

Another page for animated diagrams of Nuclear power plants

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This section for US Coal resources

Click here for Coal Availability.url

Here is an Industry site Learn about Coal using the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

This section on the new technology The "Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle"(IGCC)

A basic diagram OF IGCC:

Wikipedia article on The "Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle"(IGCC)

" "

" "

Click here for A real process to convert coal to oil

" "

Click here for the Ultraclean fuels link page

" "

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This section for Hydro electric Resources

Click here for how Hydroelectric Power How it works.url

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This section for Oil/Natural Gas Shale resources


New Shale Deposits

Super Shale
Have you ever wondered why the United States has found itself in the early stages of an
oil and gas renaissance even after its conventional oil production peaked in the early 1970s?
To get the answer, we have to go back over a hundred million years to the Cretaceous Period.
North America was split in half by a massive inland sea known as the Western Interior Seaway (WIS).
The WIS stretched over 2,000 miles from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico.

Continous Hydro CARBON RESERVOIRS 1995 Assesment

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This section for Frozen Methane

Fact sheet on gas hydrates

Map of gas hydrates reserves

Relative abundances of carbon...

This section for Natural GAS(methane CH4)

" "

Click here for Natural GAS resources Natural Gas resources
" "

Natural GAS VIDEOs from YOU TUBE

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The Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

Integrated gasification combined cycle

" "

" "

Published on Jan 22, 2016 Integrated gasification combined cycle An integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) is a technology that uses a high pressure gasifier to turn coal and other carbon based fuels into pressurized gas—synthesis gas (syngas).It can then remove impurities from the syngas prior to the power generation cycle. =======Image-Copyright-Info======== License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA-3.0) LicenseLink: Author-Info: Stan Zurek Image Source: =======Image-Copyright-Info======== -Video is targeted to blind users Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA image source in video Category Education License Standard YouTube License

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This section for exotic current energy sources

fuel CELLS!!!!!!

" "

How does a fuel cell work? Click here for an explanation " "

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This section for Fusion Energy on the Horizon

Click here for The ITER Experiment

Moisés López Caeiro saved to Physics Maths Astronomy
It could provide clean, cheap, inexhaustible power to the world. So why haven't we figured it out yet?.

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This section for speculative energy

Great dreams Energy

Wind mills................

Here is the Real time USA Wind forecast



This section for Solar energy ETC...

" "

" "

Here’s a link to our energy efficiency resources,
which includes guides on heating and cooling, efficient lighting, window insulation, water conservation, solar energy, and more.
Because of our unbiased approach, many trusted websites, government organizations, non-profits,
and interest groups use our guides as resources for their readers,

Yale University Department of Sustainability, listing our resource as “pros and cons of going solar"

City of El Paso, Texas, listing our resource as “Xeriscaping - How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape,

Kentucky State Department for Environmental Protection, listing our resource as “Home Solar Panels: Pros, Cons and Hidden Costs,”

Contact Information.

Quinn Alaurin EmailQuinn Alaurin 1525 4th Avenue Suite #700 Seattle, WA 98101 1 (877) 769-7769

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This section for informative charts from the Energy Information Agency

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" "

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