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Well the obvious OPEC conspiracy has been their willful restraint of oil production (peak oil theorists where are you?) in order to gouge their customers. However this is,  what I believe, only a portion of the story. The other not so obvious part is there are a lot of energy sources out there! And with grossly jacked up prices, It makes a lot of these sources economically feasible to obtain; that is effective competition to OPEC! Well why aren't we getting these other resources??? What's keeping these resources locked up and in the ground providing NO EFFECTIVE COMPETITION TO OPEC????
     I point to the so called (And largely self appointed) "Environmental Movement". Isn't it an interesting coincidence that the so called "Environmental movement" appeared in force (quite appropriately on Lenin's Birthday in 1972) just before the first Arab oil embargo which the so called "Environmental Movement" demanded unleaded gasoline be produced which of course required more crude oil to produce. Ever since this embargo it has been the very effective so called "Environmental movement" which has:
1.) Brought to a complete halt the growth of the Nuclear power industry
2.) Prevented exploration for oil on the outer continental shelf outside he current range in the Gulf of Mexico
3.) Prevented development of the 3 TRILLION barrels of oil shale (Actually kerogen very similar to crude oil)
4.) Made it next to impossible to significantly expand coal production
5.) Prevented the liquefaction of coal into liquid fuels
6.) Prevented development of KNOWN reserves in north east Alaska (with the exception of Prudhoe Bay and the TAP)
7.) Prevented expansion of oil refining capacity.
8.) Locked up large and high quality deposit of Coal in Utah
9.) Made it difficult to drill for natural gas in the continental US
Well who has benefited from all of this activity by the so called "Environmental Movement"?

Why it certainly has benefited OPEC hasn't it?

Now for my additional OPEC conspiracy, isn't at least plausible that the so called "Environmental movement" is financed and directed by OPEC for the sole purpose of getting the price of oil up and keeping it up????

UPDATE on April 25, 2008

Yesterday, April 24, 2008 the price of oil "dropped" to $115/BBL.
Today, Alleged "Nigerian terrorists" blew up a pipeline in Nigeria and how convient! The price went right back up to $118/bbl
Coincidence or are these Alleged "Nigerian Terrorists" ON OPEC"S payroll? If not why not?

UPDATE on April 28, 2008

I just added a number of "YOUTUBE.COM" Videos ON ANWR(See below). What does ANWR Stand for?
I say these initials stand for the Arctic National WASTELAND Reserve because that is exactly what is!
It is FROZEN TUNDRA 10 months out of the year. ANWR has 19.2 Million ACRES of land, the oil industry only needs 2,000 of
these acres (.010 percent) obviously this could not possibly harm the polar bears, and caribou.
Obviously something else is going on to prompt such fanatical efforts to keep the 1997 low end estimate (Oil was $27/bbl and technology
less sophisticated than it is now of 16 Billion Barrels more tha the state of TEXAS in the ground - not competing with OPEC!I say again, isn't it at least plausible
that the so called "Environmental Movement is a creature of OPEC in order to get and keep the price oil UP??? If not, why not?

Update on May 20,2008

Well the so called "Environmental Movement is at it again! After BP Gets a permit to EXPAND An oil refinery
AND BP Starts construction, the so called "Environmental Movement" Is appealing the decision! check out this article
"Environmental movement appeals permit decision
Don't you think O P E C Benefits from this decision????? who is paying for their legal fees?


Update on June 06,2008

OPEC Conspiracy HUMOR!

Maps of ANWR

MAP FROM THE NATIONAL Association of manufacters

This section for OPEC Conspiracy Videos

OPEC refuses to increase output

An environmental campaign to protect ANWR....OPEC Employees?


Flying over ANWR